Snuti is a husband and wife small business, where we work together as a team to make cute games and online reading campaigns, to bring happiness and positivity to the world.


Snuti was founded in 2012, where we set out to make games, and ended up helping Norway read with gamified reading websites, such as Sommerles and Norli Junior. In 2019, we started back into game development with the focus of sharing our entire process of game creation, from start to finish. In 2020, we released our first commerical game, "The Life of Mr Pips".



Game dev to business and back again! - 7 years of SnutiYouTube

Twitch Trailer - SnutiYouTube

"The Life of Mr Pips" - Game trailerYouTube


Team & Repeating Collaborator

Christer Eckermann
CEO, Designer, Developer
Clare Eckermann
CEO, Designer, Developer